Carrie LaShell
Carrie LaShell



Carrie LaShell is fabulous! I was introduced to Carrie by a toastmaster colleague for a speaking opportunity for my Mentoring circle AT&T. Carrie was very professional and diligent from the start. She made sure to set up an initial meeting to introduce herself and her company and took the time to find out more about my mentoring circle. Carrie was able to customize her presentation to meet our needs and demographics – group with both Male and Female members. Carrie talked about branding and making first impressions with your attitude, appearance, and the way you carry yourself. You only have a few seconds to make a difference so it’s very important to make it count.


Her presentation was very lively and engaging, our circle members walked away very energized and looked forward to put all the tips and tricks into practice…looking professional and our very best either at work or at home. I was able to recommend Carrie for our Women of AT&T’s Annual Refresh Conference this past week where she was able to share her creativity about making memorable first impressions that last. I would highly recommend Carrie and look forward to working with her again. TESTIMONIALS inverted-commas

Wunmi Mohammed-Kamson
Women of AT&T-Bay Chapter

Working with Carrie totally changed my outlook on myself, and my life. It gave me self-confidence to be myself every day. I am a professional speaker and when I stand on stage I feel completely confident that my audience is going to be listening to what I have to say and not looking at my appearance. Thank you Carrie for making me feel empowered. TESTIMONIALS inverted-commas

Jennifer Jost
David White & Associates

Carrie LaShell is the real deal! I was lucky to meet Carrie at a networking event and was impressed from the start. She spoke to our female financial advisors at Mass Mutual this week. Carrie talked about making a first impression with your appearance, and you only have seven seconds so you better make it count. She showed tips and tricks to the advisors that will help make that first impression as professional as possible. I would highly recommend Carrie and hope to work with her again. TESTIMONIALS inverted-commas

Karen Steffy
Mass Mutual

Thank you again for coming to San Jose to speak to our SVCA group last night. It was fun, informative, and inspiring. We really enjoyed it!!! TESTIMONIALS inverted-commas

Debbie Blasquez
Sun Power

It was a pleasure working with Carrie as a speaker for my special event. She is 100% professional and pays attention to detail and plans logistics expertly. All our guests enjoyed Carrie’s presentations and the information provided was pertinent. I would definitely reach out to Carrie LaShell for future speaking engagements. TESTIMONIALS inverted-commas

Brian Lee
Bay Street