Carrie LaShell
Carrie LaShell



Image and executive presence play a critical role in the success of individuals, teams or an entire company ‐‐ from improving interpersonal communication skills and customer service interactions, to how sales teams deliver presentations and network at events. Whether you are a professional who wants to quickly climb the corporate ladder, a sales manager developing a team or a corporate executive, Carrie can help ‐‐ offering 1 on 1 coaching programs as well as small group and large size trainings in the following areas:

Executive Presence Coaching

Are you ready for your career to take off to the next level? Showing you have an executive presence and you can confidently command your own space could be what helps you achieve your career goals. Executive Presence is how you look, behave, communicate and connect with others. Master the key skills you need to have an executive presence that will help propel your career growth to the next level.

Professional and Personal Appearance:

Do you feel frustrated with your appearance and lack the confidence to create a professional style that feels like you? Carrie helps improve your image so you look and feel your best by make a striking first impression so you feel confident and unstoppable.

  • » Levels of Business Dress
  • » Color
  • » Fit
  • » Wardrobe evaluation
  • » Personal Shopping
  • » Outfit Creation
  • » Closet clean-out

If you are interested in learning more about Carrie’s work in appearance and style click here.

Personal Branding

Do you wonder if other’s perceive you the same way your see yourself? Personal Brand is how other’s see, feel and experience you. It’s how you show up in the world and how you will be remembered. Learn to express who you are through your clothing choices, strengths and talents so you can embrace a personal brand that feels authentic to you, looks professional and matches your companies goals.

Business Etiquette

Are you interacting with others at your best in all business situations? Proper etiquette gives you clues of how you should act and what you should do in certain situations. It helps you build better relationships because you have confidence to how to handle a variety of situations.

  • » Dining Etiquette
  • » Technology Etiquette
  • » Proper Introductions
  • » Interview Etiquette
  • » Cultural Etiquette

Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication

Communication plays a fundamental role in business. Whether it’s in person or via technology, you want to make sure you understand how to be a good communicator as a large part of your workday is made up of communicating ‐‐ internally within your company or externally with clients/customers.

  • » Body Language
  • » Listening Skills
  • » Conversing Skills
  • » Interpersonal Communication
  • » Communication Between Generations
  • » Professionalism: phone, email, IM
  • » Social Media

Presentation Skills

When you deliver a presentation do you feel confident and in control? The ability to present in a clear and concise manner is crucial in business and as a leader. Learn how to deliver a presentation that looks polished and professional so that you can feel confident giving a 5 minute presentation or a half day team training that’s both engaging and informative.

Mastering the Art of Networking

Is attending a networking event on your list of most dreaded things to do? Networking can actually be fun if you know how to do it with ease. Learn how to become a master networker by “working the room” with confidence and poise.

Discover how to mingle, how to make introductions, master the handshake and how to make an elegant exit, plus much more.

Media Training

The idea of being on TV representing yourself or your company can be very frightening. Carrie brings her personal media experience to help you look professional, polished and credible. Learn what to wear, where to look, how to speak and how to sit, so the audience is will see you as the expert.