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Carrie LaShell



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    Carrie LaShell is a Certified Image & Style Expert and the author of the internationally best selling book, The Outside/Inside Magic of a Great Image. After years in the fashion industry and owning a Curves gym, in 2008 Carrie decided to apply her knowledge and experience in the fashion industry and as a successful business owner along with her deep commitment to customer service and helping others to create Such Savvy Style: a business to work with women and men to improve their lives by giving them the tools to look and feel their best ‐‐ to create a great image.
    While working with clients on their appearance, it became clear that often they were seeking help with other areas of image as well. This led Carrie to create another division of her company, Carrie LaShell Consulting ‐‐ focusing on all aspects of image ‐‐ appearance, behavior and communication. Through her years of helping people make changes to their image, Carrie learned how powerful a professional image is, and how it not only leads to career achievement but also personal self-confidence.

    Carrie’s leadership, management and presentation skills were developed as she built highly successful businesses and then was recognized when she was selected by her peers as the youngest President of SFBA AICI (Association of Image Consultants International). She has demonstrated an ability to work with people of all ages, to train a staff to be effective, to build networks of people as well as networking effectively, and to develop employee incentive and marketing plans.